Professional drivers of AntalyaTransfer – prepossessing face of the company

Professional and experienced drivers work in our team who bear responsibility for providing maximum comfort to a passenger.

Professional driver of AntalyaTransfero:

  • arrives at a place of meeting in advance;
  • waits for a client by all means even if his flight or a luggage is being delayed; always meets with a table and a smile;
  • helps you to bring your luggage to a car by all means;
  • keeps auto in ideal operating conditions;
  • takes care of client's comfort during a trip;
  • observes road regulations during a trip;
  • perfectly knows a route of a trip;
  • gives advices to a client if necessary where is better to withdraw or to exchange money, to which shop or salon to go etc.

Our drivers are tidy, have good manners and there is no importunity in their care for passengers – only politeness, goodwill and delicacy. Clients of AntalyaTransfero often thank our drivers in reviews. We are very happy that our professional drivers working for our company win our clients sympathy and favour.