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What is transfer by AntalyaTransfero?

Transfer is a planned delivery of one or several persons from one transport point (airport, railway station etc.) to agreed point (hotel, business-centre etc.) and back.
Now let's turn away from formal definitions. Thus, you have booked a transfer in AntalyaTransfero....

Professional drivers of AntalyaTransfer – prepossessing face of the company

Professional and experienced drivers work in our team who bear responsibility for providing maximum comfort to a passenger.
Professional driver of AntalyaTransfero:
- Arrives at a place of meeting in advance;
- Waits for a client by all means even if his flight or a luggage is being delayed; ...

For whom AntalyaTransfero is intended for?

For all persons who prefer to travel with a comfort by means of modern vehicles equipped with the latest safety systems and being driven by professional drivers. For all people who appreciate their time and want to spend it on achieving of goals but not on solving small transport problems. ...

Preferences of booking in AntalyaTransfero

Preferences of booking in AntalyaTransfero: - 100% guarantee of order execution in any circumstances including a flight delay.
- Tranquility in airport – a driver with a table will be waiting for you in any circumstances (a flight delay, a long procedure of luggage receipt).
- Punctuality. ...

Types and classes of transfers from AntalyaTransfero

By a number of passengers: - personal transfer (for 1-4 persons);
- group transfer (for persons travelling in small o big groups).
By a class of service: - Economy class (executed by economic class auto, Minivan, Minibus); ...

What is the difference between transfer by AntalyaTransfer and taxi?

The most important differences are:
- high comfort guarantee, punctuality of arrival and high-class service;
- English speaking professional drivers of AntalyaTransfer;
- Fixed price for services to be paid to a driver by cash upon arrival to a destination point; ...

Transfer with children – let your child open the world in safety and comfort!

Parents go travelling with small children more and more often.
An possibility to order a transfer plays not the last role in this case. There are many mums and dads with babies among our clients....

Preferences of booking in AntalyaTransfero

Are you going to travel with a big luggage? Transfer from AntalyaTransfero will solve the problem of oversized luggage after aircraft landing. For us and our drivers serving of clients with oversized and nonstandard luggage is a usual work. ...