Preferences of booking in AntalyaTransfero

  • 100% guarantee of order execution in any circumstances including a flight delay.
  • Tranquility in airport – a driver with a table will be waiting for you in any circumstances (a flight delay, a long procedure of luggage receipt).
  • Punctuality.
  • Treating you or a person for who transfer is being booked like a VIP not depending on a class of an auto ordered.
  • Availability of booking a transfer online.
  • Trip in a comfortable and clean auto.
  • Safety and fast trip with a professional driver who perfectly knows a city and its suburbs.
  • Serving your order by competent coordinators using up-to-date technical devices for making a route and monitoring its execution.
  • Flexible terms of service including receipt and execution of urgent orders, a possibility to change terms of transfer, a possibility to cancel an order in advance.